Artist before everything...

I always have a hard time with About pages. Talking about myself isn't my most favorite thing to do. But it is an About page, so let's get to it.

My name is Suzan. I run BookNerd Co. In my other creative life, I'm a romance writer under a pen name that really isn't a big secret but I like to pretend that it is. You may have heard of me, but it's doubtful.  In my real life, I work as an overnight manager for a convenience store. The job sucks, but the company is awesome. I like them. They're cool and pay well.

I'm also a mother to two teenage boys, both of whom are not near as nerdy about paper products and such as I am. But they have their own nerd things they love, so I think we have come to an understanding between us.

I started this website because I think that I have all the time in the world, and i thought it would be fun.


write, sketch, design

During her laziest days, Moxie the Boxer works tirelessly to make sure that food gets eaten, I do my work, and her nose stays clean.

She may be the best assistant I've ever had.

And no, she didn't tell me to say that.