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My name is Suzan Michelle. I own and operate BookNerd Co. I'm an artist, a doodler, an illustrator, a writer, a painter. A creative. I love coffee, and I suck at cooking, but I still enjoy trying from time to time.

I'm also a mother to two teenage boys, both of whom are not near as nerdy about paper products and such as I am. But they have their own nerd things that they love, so I think we have come to an understanding between us.

I'm on social media in a few places, but mostly, I'm a blogger and Insta-addict.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Me

Where do you live?

Fort Worth, Texas

​About what I do

Where did you study?

​I studied Creative Writing at the University of North Texas, and graphic design at the Art Institute of Fort Worth. 

How did you learn to illustrate?

​I took a couple drawing classes at the Art institute when i was working on my degree. I think that's really when I discovered how much I loved it. Other than those couple of classes, I'm mostly self-taught. The age of the Internet is a wonderful thing.

What kind of digital tools do you use?

I used to use a Wacom Intuit drawing tablet, but I've since switched to an iPad Pro. I use the Procreate app to draw and paint in digital format. When I'm working on the computer, I use Photoshop and Illustrator. A good, inexpensive alternatives to Adobe if you can't afford it (and I used these for a long time) on Mac OS is Pixelmator and Affinity Designer.

What materials do you use?

​Like I said above, I prefer Adobe CC when I'm working digitally on the computer. Most of my photo manipulations happen there. For non-digital, I love watercolor pencils, brush pens, and I'm playing a little bit with ink right now. Faber-Castell artist pens are my go-to for most of all my inking needs that I don't use liquid ink for.

About my online shop

When does it open?

April 1 unless I don't make my deadlines before then.

Will you ship worldwide?


I would like to be notified when your shop launches. How can I do that?

THe best way is to join the NerdHerd list. I'll always announce everything through that list before anywhere else.

Have more questions?

You can always email me at suzan at with any questions you might have about my work, or this website. Shop questions are best sent to customerservice at



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During her laziest days, Moxie the Boxer works tirelessly to make sure that food gets eaten, I do my work, and her nose stays clean.

She may be the best assistant I've ever had.

And no, she didn't tell me to say that.