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Five pretty cool YouTube videos
I've been doing some YouTube research this week, because I'm thinking about doing some video stuff this year, and I[...]
Having motivation when you don’t have time
This is kind of a different post for me here, but it's sort of in line with my artistic journaling[...]
Setting up January and 2018
My vision with this site is more about the art of creating than the actual planning. I love planners. But[...]
New discoveries and fun with colored pencils
As much knowledge about art that I have, I still end up learning new things in the strangest ways. I[...]
My new business planner
i'm kind of ridiculous on the best of days. My obsession with planner peace is downright ludicrous at times. But[...]
Welcome to BookNerd Illustrations!!
Welcome to the new site for BookNerd Illustrations. I'm not new to the blogosphere or the internet in general, but[...]

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